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Our platform is 100% free. 
Join and contact players safely.

Buy a shirt and help us grow.

Proudly independent

The ITL is not aligned with Tennis NSW or the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Matches organised on the ITL platform can be recorded as UTR results - but that is dependent on agreement between the two players.

6 Reasons to join

Free tennis in NSW

Players organise their own matches or practices.

Use a free court, second-hand balls, whatever. 

Safe, family-friendly tennis

Players 16/U need a parent/guardian to sign up.

There is no requirement to share details when contacting players.


Our forum is heavily moderated.


Players 16/U must be accompanied at venues. 

No pressure tennis

Play every day or once per year. It's up to you. 

We don't take a cut, so you can do you.

Ability assessment

You don't need a UTR to sign up, but you're free to share it.

You can self-assess your own ability.


You can choose if your match result counts towards UTR.

Choose the tennis format

You and your opponent choose the format. 

FAST4, best of 3, best of 5, pro-set - it's your choice.


The ITL is proudly independent and unaffiliated. 

Find players, create matchplay and practice sessions.

Free yourself from the structures and develop your game.

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