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Supporting a tennis-minded community.

Rankings to be published May 2023

Tennis Match

6 Reasons to join

Completely free

Players organise their own matches or practices via the forum and choose their venue. 

Both players bring a new tin of balls, with the winner taking home the unopened tin. Players can agree to use second-hand balls too. The ITL takes no cut.

Safe for everyone

Players 16 years and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (whose details are required upon signup).

Reporting anti-social and inappropriate behaviour on and off the court is easy and straight-forward.

No pressure

Play every day or once per year. It's up to you. 

Where some formats (like the Universal Tennis Rating, or UTR) require players to be playing 30-50 matches minimum, the ITL is player-centric, not profit-driven.

Self-assess for accuracy

When signing up, you must assess your own ability, using our easy to understand ratings.

After that it's just a matter of choosing one of 5 forums.

Don't rely on complicated corporate algorithms like the UTR that penalise you, based on their predictions of scores.

You choose the format

Whether you want to play a FAST4 set, or a best of five standard tie-break sets, it's up to you.

When you organise your own match and opponent, you choose the terms of play. Match-play and practice are paramount to improvement.


The ITL is not affiliated with Tennis Australia, UTR or any other governing body. 

The ITL has no partnership with venues or brands.

As a result, you get a transparent free product, free of bias.

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