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Tennis Player on Clay Court

Rules & FAQs

In the interests of keeping things simple, here are three things you should know about the ITL. Read on further if you want more detail.

1. All matches and hits are self-organised. Don't join if you don't want to be contacted to play

2. All matches are self-umpired. Don't join if you can't handle copping a few bad line calls every now and then

3. The safety of our players is paramount. Don't join looking for a date or to harass other players

Website rules

1. Contacting members is encouraged, but only for organising a match, a practice or to find a reserve player. Anyone who feels as though they have been contacted for extraneous purposes should contact ITL admin.

2. Players who are 16 years and under must have a parent/guardian sign up on their behalf. The display name of players 16 and under must be the player's name with (Mum)/(Dad)/(Guardian) or similar alongside.

3. ITL has safety filters in place for all online communications, however will not be held responsible for the behaviour of other players in chat/forums. Any player who believes they have been harassed or witnessed inappropriate online interactions should contact ITL admin immediately.

Playing rules

1. Players are to organise a venue, day, date and time between themselves. The ITL will not be held responsible for players who decide not to attend an organised match or practice, however it is advised that ITL admin are contacted in the event that this happens, particularly if no notice has been given.

2. Players 16 years and under must be accompanied at all times during matches/practices. Players 16 years and under must not be left at the venue and collected afterwards. Players who believe their opponent is an unaccompanied 16 years or younger player should contact ITL admin immediately and ensure that there are other adults in nearby proximity, eg inside a clubhouse.

3. Players are to choose their own format. The ITL cares only for the results of challenge matches, the winner and the loser.

4. The challenging player is responsible (once all details are agreed) for booking the venue. If payment is required upfront, the challenged player must provide half the cost. If payment is not required upfront, both players are to split the cost at the venue. If a booking falls through due to reasons such as (but not exclusively) that the venue has no availability, the challenging player must inform the opponent immediately to revise.

5. Both players are to bring a tin of new balls of recognisable tennis brand. No name tennis balls or 'K-Mart' type balls should be purchased. Players agree which tin is to be opened. The winning player keeps the unopened tin of balls. 


1. The ITL is not affiliated with Tennis Australia, UTR or any other regulator bodies.

2. Players should check with the venue they wish to play at to confirm whether they are covered by insurance should they injure themselves during the booking.

3. The ITL will not be held responsible for the behaviour of any player, parent, guardian, spectator or other interested party during tennis play organised on the ITL platform. Players play at their own risk, and organise their own tennis play opportunities.

4. The ITL condemns poor sportsmanship and acknowledges that poor line calls can occur both intentionally and unintentionally. If any player believes they have suffered any form of poor sportsmanship, they should contact ITL admin immediately.

5. Any behaviour that is predatory, intimidating, violent or similar should be reported to the venue and to the police if necessary. The ITL does not attend any tennis play opportunities and will not be held responsible for any such events that take place.

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