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Guide to self-assessment:

Give yourself 1-10 points for each shot:

SERVE - (including first and second serves)
FOREHAND - (including spins, lobs, dropshots)

BACKHAND - (including spins, lobs, dropshots)

FOREHAND VOLLEY - (including overhead smash and dropshots)

BACKHAND VOLLEY - (including overhead smash and dropshots)

1 point - very limited mastery, just starting. A grasp of the basics of all shots is required to join the ITL 

2 points - weak, inaccurate

3 points - mildly consistent, can hit at least 5 shots in a row both in practice and in a match

4 points - mildly consistent, improving accuracy, able to hit near to where you're aiming at often

5 points - can consistently hit 10 shots back in a row both in practice and in a match, with accuracy

6 points - highly consistent, high accuracy, hitting with the power of an average adult social player

7 points - errors are few, most shots are what an adult would consider powerful

8 points - shot is a weapon, wins considerably more points than it loses against most opponents

9 points - other players of most abilities and ages fear this shot

10 points - practical perfection, a consistent weapon, opponents of all abilities struggle against it

A - rated: 41 - 50 points
B - rated: 31 - 40 points
C - rated: 21 - 30 points
D - rated: 11 - 20 points
E - rated: 5 - 10 points

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